I have a 4 string, and I...in a few circumstances need to hit the stuff around the low b register. Now I know the obvious answers.....get a 5 string, or mod my 4 string to get the low b range. Id rather stick with my 4 string, and the versatility i need would prevent me from modding my 4. I was wondering if this could be accomplished reasonably with an octaver....more specifically, the octaver function built into the Boss 20B. Yes i know the octaver produces a unique sound compared to playing the notes on a modded 4 or a 5 string. What I would be playing would not have a lot of sustain to it, and I know that octavers are notorious for cutting out on long sustain notes. I would be playing things like undying by Demon Hunter.

Any input on this would be appreciated.
Possible: Yes

Is it going to sound how you want it to sound: ehhhhhhh...kinda, sorta, maybe.

If you have access to the gear to try it and see if you like.