I just want to know because I buy them occasionally and am wondering if anyone has scored big. I always buy the ones for a dollar and the most I have ever won is 1 dollar.
A free scratch off card.
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$10. Which I promptly used to purchase 10 more $1 scratch it lottery tickets.
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Just last week I won the jackpot of £777,777.
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I play them every time I go bowling. I usually profit a few bucks.
My parents won $600 once. xD
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$100 one time.
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I won $100 on one about a year ago. I haven't bought one since.
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I got cheated too.

It was one of those where you get 3 chances to win right?

Looked like a slot machine


You had to get 3 same pictures in a row to win a prize. The prize was another box that you'd scratch off next to the row.

I scratched them all right?

Each row was a winning row.

I was excited as hell.

Started scratching to reveal the prizes...






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5K about 30 years ago. Haven't bought one since. I'm on the plus side.
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The most I've won is $20
My Grandpa won $150 on one once...
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