I watched Hurt-NIN earlier, and afterwards this song jumped out in about a minute flat. It has a very slow sad tempo (much like Hurt). Thoughts? Comments? C4C

Verse 1:
Your shadows are all that's left now
Where have you gone this time?
Somewhere I can't follow
No one to hear me cry

I watch as we dance together
But the tape won't show how it ends
All I have left is rewind
But it can't take me back to my friend

I sit on this icy floor
And watch as the sun flies away
Another night I'm alone
Followed by another lonesome day

I'm standing on the shore
Waiting to see if the sun rises without you
Letting the waves wash my tears
Far away,
To where you are

I'm standing on a mountain
Trying to reach closer
To where you are
And where I will see you again

Verse 2:
The tick of the clock
Tells me I'm still alive
But what does that matter?
When I'm just here to survive.

The question now
Is how long do I wait?
How long can i stand,
before I finally see your face

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If seeing is believing...

...Then believe that we have lost our eyes!!