well after browsing through a list full of novice songs i can't find one that was TRULY easy. for example my friend recommended Hotel California and when i caught a glimpse i freaked out. There was so much bending,hammering on, and bouncing notes.

so is there a easy classic rock tab around on UG?i searched and searched but still i can't find a easy song. They say its simple but apparently those who said it might have a brain disorder. is here any truly easy tab?(preferably classic cuz thats all i can play)also can you guys suggest a song that doesn't "Bounce" around alot?(for example Day Tripper by The Beatles)but a song like Come together would be nice.

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Try some Racer X..


Smoke on the Water is great for getting started. I know, I know! It's overplayed to hell and back, but for very good reason
the Black Keys 10am Automatic...Danzig - Mother...Come Together

Learn the pentatonic scales and almost all songs become easy!
Here are some tabs I found easy when I was picking up the guitar:
Lots of AC/DC (Let There Be Rock, Dirty Deeds, T.N.T.), Some bits of Metallica (The One intro, The slow Am I Evil? riff, Enter Sandman, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Seek and Destroy although Seek is a bit challenging) Le Grange, Du Hast

Those are just a few, but I was really into Metal at the time, so I guess my suggestions are a bit subjective
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try chords
song that use chords are easy and fun knocking on heavens door is super easy only 4 chords
umm try free falling also
but for tabs some beatles was easy for me