Okay, so which would be a better purchase for me? I play motsly metal, but like to throw some rock and effects in, as well as some clean chorus type things. I had rented the GT 8 for a month and thought it was pretty good. With the GT I could also do the four cable method, which is cool, but I know the POD deals with metal quite a bit better. The POD would cost me 250$, plus a week to get it shipped to me, or the GT would be 250$, plus me throwing in an MXR Dist + on the deal, but I could get it tomorrow or by the wekend anyways at the latest.

Thought and/or opinions on which might suit me better.....
do you want it for effects or amp modelling?

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line 6 podxt for recording

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do you want it for effects or amp modelling?

Def be using it for both. At home I would use it through my Peavey for low level jamming and some recording on the computer but also using it live for effects hopefully.
spec wise, the GT10 is better then XT based on technology. GT-10 is newest, while the XT is 1 generation behind the X3 live.

id get the GT-10 based on that.

if you pay for the upgrade packs, you can make your XT have the same amps as the X3, just using older modeling technology(assuming i am even correct about this XD)

I think the Line 6 series with the upgrade packs give you a lot of good metal amp sims

tough choice you got tho

i am amazed you got the GT8 sounding good in a month though, i hope you give the GT-10 the same chance if you go that route. it definitely wasn't a plug and play situation for me.
ZOOM G7.1ut

How does that pedal compare? Someone just posted it online about half an hour ago for a decent price.

I did get some great distorted tones out of the GT 8, which seemed to be a major point people complained about.

For example (excuse the shitty playing):


some reviews that were given to the GT series can be caused by - lack of time spent tweaking patches, poorly setup GTs(levels arn't balanced, bad input settings, poor cab simulation setup), dont know what they are doing

theres a 90 page guide on how to use the GT-8 on the web. sure not all 90 pages are useful 1 person, but it shows that the GT-8 needed something like that to get people to good sounds

people with undeveloped/overdeveloped ears criticize the boss GT series too so its hard to say whats good or not. i know a few guitarists that use the GT-10 and i like their tones, but its hard to trust youtube + post editing(assuming there is any).

i would never expect a Gt-10 to make it off the demo room floor by its default settings out of the box.

sorry i dont know anything about the zoom to give any advice. So far though, Line 6 X3/GT-10 are equal, then you can argue the XT comes next (can't compare the XT or the boss ME series i believe).

I have read that people like the RP1000 series. my ears are untrustworthy though, so you should check out the demos yourself.
Line 6 is about to launch a new line of POD units (POD HD). They’ve already started running ads and at least one online store leaked some specs and pricing. Wait for them to come out before you buy anything.