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So I basically I'm setting up my own mini home studio, and I was looking into a set of headphones. I plan to use studio monitors for most of my mixing, but I feel like I could use a good set of headphones as well. But I need headphones that would be good for a variety of jobs in the production and post-production phases. I need headphones for tracking, listening, and some mixing. Is there a set of headphones that anyone would recommend for a variety of studio purposes? My budget is about $150. Thanks for any help.
Definately look at the Beyerdynamic DT770's - they are probably some of the most versatile studio cans around. Ideally you want open headphones for mixing, but then they would be awful for tracking, as you'd get quite a lot of bleed on your recordings and no sound isolation. The DT770's are probably the best all around studio headphones you'll get for that kind of money.
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If you can go up a little higher, I really do like the AKG 240 MKII cans
They are very accurate and you hardly know they are on your head.

I personally use a set of Grado Labs SR80. I like the sound quality but the minimal padding on the headband is quite annoying with long hours of use.

Both sound good for the price but leak audio. If you are going to be singing into a mic and such, these will probably bleed into the mic and mess up your mix. For closed back style headphones, I suggest the Sennheiser HD-280.