I'm looking for a metal band in the North East, I live near Hexham. I have never gigged before but it's about time I got in a band, I've been playing guitar for about 7 years and bass for around 4 or 5. "Metal" might sound a bit ambiguous but what I'm mostly looking for is something like metalcore. I listen to and play various different types of metal including groove, thrash, death, melodic death, metalcore etc. Some of my favourite bands, for example, include Machine Head, Slipknot, Scar Symmetry, Caliban, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, DevilDriver etc. I play an Ibanez ATK300, which may not seem like a very "metal" bass but to be fair it was the bass of choice for the late great Paul Gray. I have a 300W Behringer BXL3000 amplifier also. Anyone interested in giving me something to do? Let me know

Also I'd like to note I would love to make a career as a musician one day so I'd be looking for people who are serious about music (and total metal heads as well).

Also also, if anyone stumbles across this who is in a rock band I'd consider that as well, I also listen to bands like Muse, Alter Bridge, RHCP, Velvet Revolver etc.

Thanks for your time!

EDIT: Just in case it matters I'm 20
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Also, I just thought I'd add, I'm not too shabby at songwriting either (at least I hope not), I have guitar pro examples for anyone interested.
Just thought I'd add more to my "CV": I also have a pretty decent self taught knowledge of Reason so any bands requiring synthy bits I can also do.
\Hey man,I'm not looking for a band at the moment, but I'm planning to leave the band I'm in due to it not being that metal anymore. I'll let you know what happens though
Bass Gear:

Mensinger: Speesy
Fender Precision 1989 (CIJ Rosewood)
Fender Steve Harris (CIJ)
Lakland J Sonic 5
Epiphone Explorer
Maruszczyk (custom) Jake

Ashdown CTM 100
crg: I live in the countryside near a village called Colwell, 10 miles north of Hexham.

Fisheth24: Awesome man let me know
thats a bit out of the way, im in morpeth so its probably too far away
Yeah that's quite a distance. If I had a job and could afford to get my car back on the road it would be doable but until then It's a bit of a trek lol