Does the floyd rose special hold up after time? do the knife edges end up dulling? Thanks for any help
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If it's anything like other Floyd Roses, then yes. I've owned a Floyd Rose equipped guitar for years. I even bought mine used. It was made in 2001, the salesmen said. Anyway, point is Floyd Roses are built to last.
I've had my FR Special about a year now, and it's still kicking it, looks like it will be for a while yet. Returns to 0 every time, no matter what madness I put it through.
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I've had mine for a bit over a year too and yup, still holding strong, no signs of wear.
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My licensed FR (in a M-100fm by LTD) has been mine for 9 months, bought it new. I think its good for the price. Its not an OFR or anything so I cant expect too much, but I thinks its definately good for the price. It keeps the tuning pretty well. Not perfectly, but not pissing me off either.