How do I listen while I record the different layers? I've been doing this, but all of a sudden It won't do it anymore. Should it play automatically what you've already recorded when you click record to add layers? Please help cause I can't record my music!!
Say I record something then when I click record again it plays what I recorded before while it recording. I would stick headphones in while i did it. sorry I'm not so good at explaining
you should be using headphones so it doesn't record your live playing AND what you've already recorded.
if you didn't use headphones, you wouldn't be able to hear what had been played.

i guess. i'm stick not completely sure what the problem is. do you not want it to play when your recording? cause i'm pretty sure you can't do that, not sure why you would want that though
- Edit

- Preferences

make sure thats checked.
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thats exactly what I want, so that I know what to do and when to do it. Thank you mtforever!!!
I'd suggest switching to a real DAW like Reaper...
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