I can't decide if I should keep the vocals (screams and a few cleans) or just leave this song as an instrumental. I'm too embarrassed to show anyone in person so I figured I'd hide behind my computer and ask for feedback
Let me know if you think the vocals are okay/need work/should be removed completely

With vocals:

Instrumental version:
Write the music you want to hear.
I must say, I REALLY like this. Your opening guitar bit is fantastic.

That being said, the vocals strike me as trivium-ish. I feel like you should migrate more to a death-metal vocal style, or even black-metal (I don't feel like clean vocals would do this justice). Check out a band called Shade empire if you want a good example of a vocal style you could try.

Btw the instrumental is sick, but theres a few parts that sound empty w/out the vocals.
Yeah I agree man that instrumental is sick. Although w/ vocals I think the first lines could be cut because the intro needs to stand by itself, which it achieves in the instrumental. You're set to go man congrats.