I know that most humbucker guitars use 500k volume pots. I also know that most single coil guitars use 250k volume pots.

An HSS Strat has both. Which does it use?

If it uses 500k, how does that affect the tone of the single coils?
If it uses 250k, how does that affect the tone of the humbucker?

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Mine used 500k's.

As a general rule, the higher the resistance of the pot, the brighter the tone.
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A 'proper' HSS Strat (i.e. not some cheap copy brand guitar made in Indonesia or whatever) would use a 300k pot for the volume control, a 250k pot for the neck/middle tone control and a 500k pot for the bridge/middle tone control, depending on how the guitar was wired. If you don't have separate tone controls then you would normally go for 250k volume and 500k tone.

There's no right or wrong way to do it, in fact the SD JB model humbucker is commonly used with 250k pots and Gibson use 300k pots in all of their top Les Pauls and SGs.
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I want to know what should be height of pickup for HSS and can anybody tell how to edit dry metal distortion tone in gt100.