So i tried this method out and it has been confirmed. (Tried on a wii)
For those who get terrible wifi and have not googled a way to get better wifi, here is a tip that can allow you to receive wifi better or have a stronger connection.
(its a budget thing if some arent able to get a router right away.

Step 1.
Get aluminum foil

Step 2.
Make a 1ft by 1ft wall at minimum

Step 3.
Set behind laptop (or what ever receives a wireless signal)

Step 4.
Position the aluminum foil wall toward a window or directed to other houses

Step 5.
Enjoy your internet
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Step 6. idiots raeg because this guy is trolling
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Also works for hats.

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tbh foil would actually help get a signal because its conductive....but their are more effective methods
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IEEE 802.3, or gtfo.

Edit: Wait. But the only game system that has that is the newer Xbox 360 model :/
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