Sometime this week, my Carvin should be done. Their pickups seem like a very divisive issue though. I can fetch a Tex Mex single coil for the middle off eBay for a low price, and that'll be fine since I just need the middle pickup to mix well and play nice with the humbuckers when I try to get it to sound like a strat in positions 2 and 4. As for the humbuckers, I was currently looking at a set;


I'm a huge Jeff Beck fan, and I've always felt he's had a great tone, so the JB seems like a no-brainer to me. The neck pickup, in clips I've found, sounds like a PAF with a little more growl, which I rather like. My only concern though is that, in addition to being HSH with a 5-way that splits in positions 2 and 4, I've got a phase switch and individual coil-splitters on my Carvin, so I kind of need them both to be four-conductor so they can be set up for it, and unlike the individual 4-conductor versions, these don't say if they are. Are they?

tl;dr, are these pickups 4-conductor?


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Unless they specify, most major pickup manufacturers (SD, Dimarzio etc) use 4 conductor as standard. They should be 4 conductor.