This is a peom that wrote a little while ago. It's structure is a little weak and the symbolism is simple, but i've been thinking about converting it to be put into a song, but I'd like to hear what you guys think about the original first to see if it would be worthwhile.

Do your work
Do it well
Disregard your soul
Satisfy your paper gods
That you may live to see tomorrow
But in the morrow what's left for us?
For the Common Way has parted
Vanquished by brother Greed
And in another realm
Peace cowers from his visage
In hopes that tomorrow he will see his end
But in the morrow what is left for us?
A fire that burns a crimson flame
far hotter than the sun
Scorching existence that I once knew
This marble of blue and green
But in the world of sonic bliss
Where I prefer to live
There is one thing you cannot find
In society today