Yo this is a work in progress for my band. Wrote these parts while thinking about the bands drummer because he's hospitalized (car accident).

Decided it was time to write some Death-Inspired death metal.

Fear the Dark1.gp5
There will be zero tolerance
For the creator of hallowed intentions
There will be zero tolerance
Fate is your deciding God
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The first riff comes in quickly, it's nice, and it flows well with the next riff
Bar 21 This riff sounded pretty flat to me, I didn't understand what were you trying to do with this riff
Bar 30 this riff starts pretty well with the tempo change, but it sounds a little boring after some time.
Bar 46 nice riff, reminds me of an human form riff from death
Bar 50 this sounded like the transition between two riffs in spirit crusher and a scavenger of human sorrow riff
Bar 62 this section sounded overall a little to simple, but the drum work made it more interesting
Bar 73 lol strange ending, but it's ok.

If this song is just an experiment, just a try to imitate death sound this is ok, if this song would be on an album i surely wouldn't like it because it sounds like a death ripoff(and i know it isn't), but not as good as death
****IN' R.I.P. CHUCK!!!

I give you a 7-/10(I'm not too high on ranks)

Wanna crit?
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