I'm looking for stories about how different guitarist's got their very first guitar, if possible can you give me a link to the actual interview where they talk about it or story that cites it, thanks. Trying to find people like Hendrix,Clapton,Paige, bb king etc.. but less legendary guitarists will also work.
Legendary eh? I found my first guitar on the side of the road. Still have it. There's your story.
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that is a cool story, if only it happend to one of the greats then i could use it.

Clapton received an acoustic Hoyer guitar, made in Germany, for his 13th birthday, but found learning the steel-stringed instrument very difficult and nearly gave up. Despite his frustrations, he was influenced by the blues from an early age and practiced long hours to learn chords and copy the music of blues artists that he listened to on his Grundig Cub tape recorder.


At age 15, around the time his mother died, he acquired his first acoustic guitar for $5 from an acquaintance of his father. This guitar replaced both the broomstick he had been strumming in imitation, and a ukulele which his father had found while cleaning out a garage

Wikipedia it bro
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Hendrix's first guitar was a shitty acoustic with one string, before the broom, like he said ^^
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yeah but i cant cite wikipedia

Just check the sources for the Wikipedia article. The info has to come from somewhere.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
Mashed-Potato Johnson made a guitar out of just blood, sweat, and a broom.

True story.
Jimmy Page's was left in a house his family moved into.
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If only you could back that statement up.
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Wolfgang's Philadelphia Study. Look it up yourself.
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yeah but i cant cite wikipedia

And you can cite UG?

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no, if you read my first post i asked for a link to the interview or story that i could cite.
slash's friends wanted him to play bass for his band so he said he would do it, his grandmother had a old flamenco styled guitar that had one string which after seeing his bass teacher play some blues licks on guitar he immediatly wanted to do the same, and then spent ages learning on his one string acoustic guitar
Yeah you can find it in Wikipedia or Google ,then why you are worrying about this??
If you wanna know about Eric Clapton's guitar history, read his autobiography, makes for some good reading
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Just check the sources for the Wikipedia article. The info has to come from somewhere.

This. I have done it for multiple assignments.
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