hey guys.
i'm after a low wattage tube amp (less than 10w preferably), as i'm not able to get good breakup at low volumes with my current amp, a bogner alchemist.
blues tones i'd like to replicate would be the likes of srv and jeff beck. i'm under the impression they both used fender amps. but any suggestions welcome. also, budget is anything less than $500 for a head or combo. if you suggest a head, a cab suggestion would be appreciated too. can be outside of budget. thanks.
I <3 P-90's
Fender Frontman.

lol jokes, anything Orange, cab is entirely up to you, they are a much more subjective piece of gear.
fender blues junior. 15 watts of tube, but as a preamp knob and master so you can get plenty of breakup at low volumes
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Fender Vibro Champ XD. 5 watts with some nice tweed and other Fender amp voicings.
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