Hey guys,
trying to find the best amp for playing in a band. The previous one was either 65 or 75 W fender solid-state amp, can't remember excatly, and that wasn't enough, because the drummer was playing too loud. I though of maybe fender FM 212R or cube 80x, since I also wanted a looper, but that doesn't matter much now. Also, I don't know much about amps, is solid-state one the best choice?? And the price should be lower than 300 EUR. Thanks for your help.
What kind of music do you play?

There's no "best amp for a band" because if you play in a metal band or a country band your amps are going to be very different. The Frontman is an OK practise amp but I wouldn't gig with one personally. The Cube is a better amp overall no matter what your genre, but depending on your style a nice tube amp is probably a better choice.
I play a lot of RHCP, also funk, and maybe some heavier stuff also. Mainly, our songs are played in clean channel. Also can I get a good tube amp for 300 EUR, that is loud enough?
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used peavey valveking 112?
or a bugera 333?

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I'd like something that fits to 300 EUR. All those you mentioned, are over it.
If you can, spend a tiny bit more and splash €330 for the Bugera V55, I really can't think of anything better for the price.

If you really can't cough up that much cash, the V22 is only €229, though that won't have as much clean volume - at loud levels it'll start to crunch a little. Personally for chilis-esque funk you don't want a completely clean tone anyway - so I'd go for it.

Here's an example vid - the first tone is probably the kind of thing you're looking for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGxYk2BJWoo
You can get a Jet City 20w for the same price as the Cube 80x. At least here in the states you can.
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I'm considering the Bugera V22 right now. But one thing, I don't know much about the tube amps, but is a 22W tube amp loud enough to exceed a let's say 75 solid-state amp?
Ya, I'm sure that it is, and it will sound better when it is turned up too.
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I'd definitely recommend the Bugera V22 over something like a Frontman or Cube. It's going to sound a lot better in a band setting.

The fact that it's only 22 watts doesn't say much about the volume. Tube amps are louder than solid states amps at the same wattage. And most tube amps will sound better the more you crank them, which will give you a real nice tone on some of the stuff you play.
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So Bugera V22 is good enough for band practices? Even with a heavy-handed drummer?
I own a Bugera v22 and have played it with a very loud drummer. I never had a problem being heard. In fact it seemed an ideal tube amp wattage because the amount of volume needed to keep up with the drummer got some nice power tube saturation going. It sounds awesome at that volume.
Hey guys,
me again here. The previous amp we used was Behringer V-Tone GMX212. And I asked our bass player, and he said, that he doubts that 22w tube is enough. What do you think? Still planning to buy Bugera V22.
if you want a mainly clean amp, i wonder would that fame gta40 (sold by musicstore in germany) be worth considering? I think it's like 333 euro. I haven't tried it, though, but what few soundclips I've heard sound pretty promising, and (although it's pretty basic in terms of controls) it has a pretty decent spec for the money.
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