I have a Line 6 Echo Park delay pedal. It wasn't my choice as such, but until I can afford to investigate into other possibilities I'm seeing what this one can do.

my question is- how can i get the sound in this video - (guitar in the background at about 4:27 onwards?)


is that something I can achieve with a delay pedal like this or am looking at another effect? possibly reverb?

i only ask because someone I know uses a BOSS delay pedal (dont know which model), and he can get this sound really easily.

It seems to be just a bit of delay combined with reverb. You should be able to replicate that effect with your Line 6 pedal if your amplifier has a reverb capability or if you have a reverb pedal, too.
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Your friend probably has one of these if he's doing that all with one pedal and not amp reverb. It's just reverb with delay.
no its honestly just a delay pedal, i just forget the model. its not the newest one. thats irrelevant anyway.

but anyway thanks for the replies, i know its a simple effect, i just cant seem to get it spot on. most of the effects on this pedal are all very similar. very digital, very definite kind of 'note...reply'. that makes no sense. im tired.

ill keep playing.