For me it would be This Charming Man - The Smiths. I don't know why, I just have to listen to it everyday.

Anyways Pit, anyone else have any songs that you listen to everyday, and perhaps reasons why?


It gives me teh giggles.
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There = Not here
Their = Belongs to them
They're = They are

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Listing bands not songs:

David Bowie
The Doors
Stone Roses
Rolling Stones
Tim Minchin
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The Somatic Defilement and Messiahbolical by Whitechapel
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every day i will listen to at least one song from Appetite For Destruction.
i listened to the whole album 3 times the other day, definately my favourite album.

also Holy Wars by Megadeth as i usually end up playing it whenever i play guitar.
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I probably listen to Only Shallow by My Bloody Valentine nearly everyday.
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Just listing bands, not songs :
1. Megadeth
2. Iron Maiden
3. Resist The Thought
4. Maze
5. All Shall Perish
Usually, Two weeks - All That Remains and Barbarian - August Burns Red
Selkies: The Endless Obsession

Never get tired of that song.
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Something Megadeth, mainly Rust in Piece songs. Lucretia maybe, its just so wierdly awesome. Or Holy Wars ofc
At the minute it has been B.O.B. - Airplanes (part 2 feat. Hayley Williams and Eminem). It's good in it's own right and it's longer and different to the original. Hayley's voice seems more clearer as well, for some reason. Probably because in the original it has a lot of layers over the top of it from all the instruments. For example, the bit Hayley sings in the original it sounds like "I could use a wish right now" but in this one it's so obvious that it says "I could REALLY use a wish right now". Longest post in this thread ftw
This will start a RIOT! in me
The Lawrence Arms - The Devil's Takin' Names and Are You There Margaret? It's Me, God.

I've been obsessed with those two lately.
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Are You There Margaret? It's Me, God.

This will start a RIOT! in me
I always listen to different stuff, i cant listen to the same stuff every day
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In Your Face by Children of Bodom...Only because it's the alarm tone on my phone
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nah, my moods change and some days I try look up some real obscure stuff, so I don't really listen to the same thing everyday
"You're a twat!"- That dude in morrisons

"You Ugly git!" - That girl in the restaurant

"You Were a Mistake!" - Mum

just a few of my fans..

Mine change over time, but generally I tend to stick with Avenged Sevenfold, Muse, Karnivool, and that's about it for constant everyday listening.

At the moment, it's Dream Theater and Mastodon as well seeing as I just bought two more of their albums.

I don't listen to one single song every day, it'd drive me nuts.
Usually Idols and Anchors by Parkway Drive...
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This, because it's my alarm.
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maybe it's because i secrely agree that tracedin inymballsackistheb best album ever

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Lil Wayne featuring Drake- Right Above It
Flo Rida featuring David Guetta- The Club Can't Handle Me
Weezer featuring Lil Wayne- Can't Stop Partying
Samuel Adams- I Hate College
MGMT- Kids
Kid Cudi- Pursuit of Happiness
Chiddy Bang- Opposite of Adults

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