Hi. I'm looking to add some meat and potatoes to my solos. I find that I have minimal sustain and really strive to get that smooth warm connections betwen notes. Hard to explain. I just need some suggestions lol.

I use a Boss GT-8 (4 cable method) with my Marshall VS100 solid state amp and I usually have one channel at half gain (because it has no mid/treb knobs) and the other channel at full gain and it has treb, bass, contour, mids . I also use an MXR micro amp in line before going to the cab to give me some volume boost.

My 3 main settings is just the raw preamp for ACDC type stuff and the Boss is off. I also have a setting which I have my full marshall gain with a 10-15% overlay of the built in DST+ model which I find is ok for rythm stuff. Lastly I have a solo setup which is the full marshall gain, a 10-15% tube screamer model, some delay and I use some EQ to push some more mids....of course the MXR micro amp is on for the slight volume boost.

My guitar is an Indie with the EMG 81/85. I just find that my solos still sound like an ACDC solo... very clear but if I increase my current overlays for a metallica type metal solo, I get lotsa feedback even with the Boss built in noise supressor on. I can deal with the feedback but its my tone that sucks ATM.

I guess I'm looking for a Zak W type of tuby soloing smoothness. I also have the metal zone, delay, chorus all boss stomps in my closet but I use the GT-8 instead. Even harmonic pinches/dives are easy with the Metal zone but very tough to get with my GT-8 settings.

Is it maybe overdrive I'm missing? Maybe I should go back to stomp pedal setups? Maybe my gain and overlays settings are screwy? I had too much ACDC and Zeppelin in my diet perhaps lol.