I'm total noob when it gets to sounds and effects so can somebody please tell me how to create sound like in Bold as Love?
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i'm guessing you're talking about the part in the solo where he uses the uni-vibe. there are lots of vibe style pedals out there.
i think that one is pretty good, decent price, easy to use will get you in the ball park. actually i remember hearing a demo of one made by jetter and it sounded great.
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are you talking about the psychedelic swirling sensation 2:50 until the end? it's tape flanging, a sound which 99% of all stompboxes cant do and the 0.9% of the stompboxes that can do it can't do it well or authentically. foxrox's flanger does it superbly but unfortunately they're super expensive, so expensive that i'm considering cashing in on mine. strymon has a cool flanger for $300 that does that thru-zero flanging effect ok-ish. it doesn't have the envelope function of the foxrox which is why it and all the others don't sound as cool because the hendrix flanging effect on bold as love and house burning down etc all are awesome because they're unpredictable. stompbox oscillating flangers are predictable and periodic and so they're not great. not to mention they don't reach that climax of the sweep where everything gets sucked through the straw.
also one more thing to mention, the flange effect on bold as love is across the whole mix, won't sound the same with it just on the guitar.


Honestly, the Bold as Love flange tone is the most amazing thing I've ever heard. There's really no way to imitate it when playing live. The FoxRox would get someone close but pedals can only go so far.
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