Hi all..
first of all i must tell that my english is very poor....im soo sorry about that
coz i am from srilanka and my mother language is sinhala

so guys sri lanka is the one of worst country for musical instrument. ..but i need to buy a guitar.My budget is under 300$.i searched in this site but still confused...
bcoz in my country,its very hard to find a good quality guitar.. can easily get a Indian or chinese s**t but i love music i want to do it decently...so i thought i might get little help here..
here are the models....

Spread music(w-15,...)
Pearl river
Walden(G-640,D series,...)

and the most funny thing is i cant even find any reviews here for those models which they told me(except yamaha).. i saw `Best guitars under 300$` thread but i couldn't find a guitar.coz those models are not available in my country.
I am new to this guitar stuff.I really do care about the tone and durability.i need a sweet tone for playing guitar(lead) parts and chords.cutaway one would be great.and i cant get a normal low end guitar for practice and then a pro guitar.becoz im kinda poor guy..:P
So guys i really need help on this...this discussion might be bit unpleasant bcoz of my poor english..

V72 ECE-bk=200$
V50 NJT=149$
samick=105$(i cant remember the model number)

Some one help me plz...
Hey Welcome to UG

Don't worry about your English. I can understand exactly what you're saying

The best place to ask your question would be in the Electric Guitar Section of the forum.

You'll get much better answers if you ask the same question there. You can just copy and paste everything into a new thread.

Hope you get the help that you want!

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