Ok I'm looking for a little info on guitars with 2 humbuckers are a LP and a SG going to sound the same ? Will they play the same or are the necks different? Please educate me on the LPs and SGs differences.
There is a difference in the way an LP and an SG sound. It is not a massive difference, let's say the difference between a strat and an LP, but it is noticable.

I find that an LP has fuller beefier tone where as the SG has a little more high end/treble to it.

What is the right for you? That just depends on what you prefer. I would hold both and play both. Both are extremely popular but I think if more people took the time to play the SG they would be impressed by the LP type sound and strat weight.
^ yeah. kinda like the difference in tone between a strat and a tele (maybe even a bit subtler)- they're in the same ballpark, but they're noticeably different. LP, to my ears, is a bit smoother and more refined, SG is a bit rawer. I think. I like them both too, as teleyankee said, just depends on which you prefer. A lot of people will like both, too, so watch out for GAS...
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sg necks are pretty thin while lp necks can be pretty chunky, i prefer sg necks...

like TeleYankee said sgs have a little more high end, while lps have more mids.

also the kind of wood of the neck and body will drastically change the tone. the lp bodys are thicker/bigger/whatever so that will also effect the tone.
How can anyone educate you how it feels and sounds? I don't have your hands or your taste, so go to a store, pick it up and pluck a few notes and then you will know for sure if it has your name on it or not.
Thanks for the info! I was just wanting to know what was different between the two. I WILL be trying them out to see what one comes home with me. I'm pretty new at this guitar thing and am trying to learn as much as possible as fast as possible.
The weight and feel of a SG body adn LP body are very different in my opnion. My LP is one of the most comfortable guitars I know. My strat is number 1!
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