I have just recently purchased a Heartwood elctro acoustic, pre-owned by a man who recently passed away. I bought the guitar for £189.

I was just really wondering if anyone can enlighten me as to how good Heartwood guitars are, as I cannot find an official website for them. I love the sound and it's a good looking guitar which all that matters really, but I'd just like to know if Heartwood have a good reputation?

If this is Heartwood with 2 swans,it seems it's just distributor's label-not actual maker.They just find or order instruments at some(probably asian)factories.

On the other hand I found some references to the master luthier Steve Smith making Heart and Heartwood guitars-maybe designed them for that distributor in the past?

All in all I think it's British only thing.
I've seen 3 models priced 400-460 GBP,all solid + hardcase.
They're claimed to be from the same factory where Blueridge guitars are made.