Hey everybody! im thinking of purchasing a new guitar..
i was thinking of buying the C-1 FR but then in 2010 they got the new line where the scale is 24-something and it's with passive pups

so i looked up and saw Damiene Elite FR which is like similar to old C-1 FR

so what i want now is i want to know every bit of that guitar!!

is there any owner here??

will it be able to mod it to have a coiltap later on???

hows the neck?
can you picture the back of the guitar (since ive looked up some reviews in Youtube and none showed the neck from behind) and may be the joint??

the reason i want this much info is cause when im done with saving up the money i'll be buying it from USA (im in armenia) and i cant try it out... that's the biggest problem. that i cant try out the guitar... i cant buy it from anywhere else.. it's thrice of teh original price on everything here... except that they dont stock Schecters or any other well known brand

thanx in advance!!!!
whats ur budget?

Where's Waldo?

ARAAAAA hahha Im armenian. Ok back to the guitar.

A buddy of mine owns this guitar and I think it sounds great. Awesome sustain,Awesome sound, all around awesomeness.
Also for the price it is very good.

The neck is a bolt on
I dont think there should be a problem installing a coil tap on the guitar.
^^^oh rly??
happy you

lol yeah i meant sarcasm.. it's not too many ppl happy here lately

still when did he buy the guitar??
can i see it??

oh and yeah keep rockin dude

btw i checked out and seems like 81 has got only three wires whereas you need 4 wires for a coiltap function
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