Hey everyone i have a few pedals and i would like to know your opinion on what the proper order should be.

Digitech RP200A,Boss Metal Core/ Equalizer/Noise Suppressor/Tuner
what amp?

do you have an effects loop?

what Noise Suppressor do you have?

Pedal set up is really more to taste so this is just my recommendation based on my experience.

Your distortion pedal should go up front between guitar and amp.
EQ can go in the loop or up front, I prefer it in the loop.
Suppressor can go either way as well. If you blocking guitar noise put it front. If you are blocking amp noise put it in the loop.
Tuner goes up front.
RP is up to you. I had a similar unit and thought it should be in the loop but found it sounded better up front. Typically with something like that you won't be using the other pedals. Personally, I'd axe the RP and the Metal Core.
Tuner> Suppressor (in)
Suppressor(send)> metal core> RP> suppressor(receive)
Pedal Board(s)

GAS list:
- Fender Jazzmaster
- Supa Trem
- 2x12 cab
- Mesa Lone Star
- ondes martenot