Has anyone else tried out the RGD320 ?

I got to play one and really like the way it plays, feels but and it may just be me but the pickups sounded like ass.

I was thinking if I get the RGD320 and put some EMG 81/85 or SD Blackouts AHB-1 set in it.

All of my guitars has Blackouts in them now and I love the tone and sound but they are all non-FR

What do you think of the EMG 81/85 for a FR ( Edge 3 ) will sound better or will the Blackouts sound better.

Thanks for any help.

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I don't think either one sounds "better", it's really just a matter of preference. Besides, asking people on a forum about which pickup they think sounds better won't really do anything for you at all.
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Pickups are personal preference. I myself quite like the 81/85 when they're 18V modded, which some people say sounds a lot like the Blackout. However, beyond that I prefer a nice set of boutique passives - Bareknuckle are my standard now, but I want to try some Bulldogs soon.

On a different note, I'd hold off on some pups as the more important thing would be to get a FR that isn't the Edge 3 - it isn't the worst, but it's not a particularly nice trem.
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