Im using win7, and i got guitar rig 3.. I tried lining in my guitar and also thru the mic jack, but it produces no sound at all, but there's volume signal as in when I strum my guitar, the volume level raise.. but no sound.. I tried on another laptop running win7 also, again same problem...

do I need to use different program to record guitar tracks?
or there is something wrong with my desktop and laptop?

by right when u plugin your guitar, immediately it will produce sound when you strum without running any programs right? D: halppp
Sounds to me like you didn't select an output. Using windows it is nearly impossible to get the output of guitarrig to your normal speakers, as (at least on XP) there is a lack of configuration options. You would also have to deal with a high latence.
Try to plug in speakers into the output jack right on the guitarrig 4 hardware and set the output to I/O Essential/Kontrol (i don't know if that's the right name, but it should be something like this.)
okayy will try and see.. im using guitar rig 3 tho =x its the same right?
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