Hi. Ive been playing guitar for quite a while now and i am going to try and improve my singing. One thing i really cant do is singing whilst playing guitar do you know anything that could help me or tips or something? thanks
Oh come on!Just practice it.Take a simple song guitar-wise and practice,practice,practice until it doesn't sound like shit.There is nothing else to help you..if you want to sing while playing,start doing it until you improve.Use a metronome or something and go for it.Start singing with strumming,when you nail that start singing with arpeggio and when you nail that start singing with lead parts.It's not hard but it takes time and practice so go practice it.
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No shortcuts here friend. Just practice. try listening to the song when you arent playing it(mp3, radio etc) so you know the lyrics without having to read. once you know the song by heart you will be surprised how easy it is to sing and play. Start with something easy. I.e. a song with only 3-4 chords. I hope this helps bud. take care.
Learn the lyrics, memorize the guitar. Then like the others said practice, practice, practice.

For me I find it easier to get down the guitar part first so I can play it without needing to think about it to much and that lets you focus on singing clearly.

Playing on guitar, you already have your tone and pitch depends on where you're fretting which if you can play it all by heart then it's no problem. Singing you need to think more about getting the right timbre, pitch, tone, etc. But again, just practice.
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Like others said, you just do it. It's hard at first, especially if you arent familiar with the basic chords to where you can play them without really having to concertrate on it. I suggest learning easy songs to play and sing, that use basic open chords. I can PM you a list of suggestions if you'd like
The way I started was to learn songs that I've known the words to, front and back, for years and years. Then you only have to focus one aspect, and the lyrics will just flow to you effortlessly. Then, as you progress, you can step outside your comfort zone bit by bit and improve.
I find it helpful to just talk and play guitar at the same time. It get's your brain used to being able to operate the two parts of your brain responsible for singing and playing at the same time.
Practice Practice Practice man! One of the first songs I sang and played at the same time was Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. Its pretty easy!
Practice with some The Fall of Troy songs. Erak is constantly playing wild lead lines while singing. I think the first ones I learned were FCPREMIX and Act One, Scene One.