Hi guys!

I'm back from the banned

Anyway, I have been doing some mixing experimentation in the time that I'd usually be at UG (haha) so I'd like to hear some opinions! The test is on my profile, band profile, can be found at my soundclick ( http://www.soundclick.com/exvitaabire ) and I also have an MP3 download for anyone who wants it



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Pretty decent, but if you just want us to hear the guitar tone then the drums kind of take away that idea. The sound is a bit plain and dry. (not in terms of effects)

I like the sound on New Groove better I think. Reminds me of ISMFOF in ways.
Kind of hard to compare though since the tone test is so quiet.

If you want us to just rate your guitar tone then upload a clip of just that or something that has a better example of guitars and is a fair bit louder.. like the above poster said, it was kind of short to get a good feel of the tone.
Woah dude the laugh was totally cool and screams too, the playing was great. Very heavy, loved that. The keyboards in the end were unexpected but awesome those were keyboards right? Anyways man, make it longer and it'll be even cooler. Oh..the tones were great The drums sounded awesome btw.

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