Ive just started takeing lessons ( before that i was self-taught for 2 years ). And my teacher is showing me stuff like diffrent strum patterns to chords and diffrent finger picking patterns . But im starting to think its not gonna help me much . I know its good to have variation and play many diffrent kind of stuff but most of what i lissen to / play is stuff like Maiden , Metallica , Megadeth , helloween and so on . Im also trying to get into lead guitar ( and haveing a hard time doing so ) . Will this teaching help me increase my skills as a guitarist for that type of music?
anything helps. strums are useful, but you could tell your teacher that you want to learn some lead stuff
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tell him to teach you stuff that will fit your style. if hes showing you strum patterns it wont help you at all if your playing metal.

i would tell him to teach you theory
lessons always seem to help. even if its not your style things can be gotten out of what he is teaching you. but there is always the possability he is just not a good teacher.
Why not stop being so musically close-minded and learn what he's teaching you? If you don't improve - that is the only reason to bin him as a teacher. Expand styles, learn it all, and as you get better you can always go and practice stuff you like in your own time when you're not paying for it.

I don't get some kids. The whole point of a teacher is to make you better at your craft. Your craft isn't metal, it's guitar. Doing the 'simpler' stuff will make you a much better player in the long run than banging out Megadeth riffs will.

Look at Justin Sandercoe off Justin Guitar. He can't 'shred' but who's the better guitarist all round, him or Dave Mustaine? There is only one answer.
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I said in my first message that i play diffrent styles aswell.. I play stuff like clapton and john mayer . Everything depends on what you like and want to learn . I WANT to learn metal since thats what im writeing . I only asked if being taught other styles would improve me in the area i want to expand ( metal in this case ) . And practiseing in my own time is extremly hard since i got no idea what to learn , how to learn it and so on. Other than that , thanks for the advice everyone!
I know opeth . Lissen to them abit but not too much , And the finger picking stuff can be useful in ballads and such yes . But normal chords like maj7 and such maybe not...or prehaps if i attempt to figure out there position as arpeggios elsewhere on the neck..
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In ballads and stuff but not 'normal' chords like maj7? Uhm i think you really need to work on your theory, and your general outlook.

ANYTHING can be fingerpicked, regardless of the type of chord.

I can't think of anything else to say to you as you're obviously just another ignorant metalhead. I've suggested stuff and you've come up with poor rebuttals. Do whatever you want.
On the maj7 part i was thinking about normal metal not ballads ( stupid off me not to point that out ) and yes , i know almost no theory . Although i cant agree on your point of me being a ignorant metalhead . Yes i lissen mostly to metal . But also alot of like ive said clapton , mayer , journey etc . But everyone has right to there opinion.
Well i've already told you that learning other stuff will help your metal playing, but you're just coming up with excuses for it, so do whatever you want. Taking the lessons with that attitude is a waste of your money, i'm trying to save you money by suggesting something which could put you in a frame of mind where you won't feel like the lessons are a waste, and so you actually take something from them.
Oh well , sorry for wasteing your time. And everyone else . Thanks for the advice.