Am C F G
Am F C G

When I sailed the waters
I could be free
but mermaids and pirates
corrupted me

So I got out of
my life at sea
because the Queen
promised sanctuary

She gave me a garden
where I was free
to pull the weeds,
till the earth, plant my seeds

I watered my garden,
was close to the land
yea, I moved the earth
with the palm of my hand

But then came the towers
next to the trees
And then came the gates
with her locks and keys

I was locked out from
the birds and the bees
I waited for days
outside on my knees

And I watched my flowers
from outside the cage,
drooping and wilting
and drying with age.

I keep on hoping
the Queen will yield
take down her guards
and I'll return to my field

So I am a coward
because I believe
that she has the power
to torment me

And now that she knows
I'm afraid of the sea
I have no choice but
to wait endlessly