I'm using Cubase 5 for mixing and i was wondering how you would go about creating the effect of EQ Shifiting over a space of time.

I've heard it being done loads of times before on synths and i was wondering how exactly people do it. I can picture it in my head but can't seem to implement it onto a DAW.

What i'm talking about is moving the EQ so that you go from a boosted bass EQ setup to a high pass filter and back to a boosted bass over a space of time (4 bars, 8 bars, whatever)

The song that i have to recreate for my Music Technology coursework uses this technique (i think) on a synth in the intro before the verse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ywif51EZmo

Any help is appreciated
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What you're looking to do is automate the EQ, which is fairly easy to do. This should help you.
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automation is pretty much the greatest thing ever, once you learn to utilize it. different DAWs do it in different ways, but it isnt too hard to do. most of the DAWs i have used set up an automation track that controls the level/position of the knob/fader. most allow you to adjust the fader and have it write to the automation track. you can also do it with mouse clicks. the former is great for a real time control, but i feel that the latter can give you a bit smoother automation over long time periods.