Brought back together by circumstance
Decided to give you another chance
It's been a few years, I'd say that I've changed
But I see that you're exactly the same
Once again you've proven my case
You can't even say it to my face
You're still committing the same old transgressions
Your actions soaked in passive aggression

But now this time
Decision is mine
And I've drawn a line
You're on the other side

My intent you've been misreading
To cast you out is what I'm needing
Discontent my words are breeding
Walk away with your ego bleeding

Your vanity makes you too blind to see
The five in my wallet is worth more to me
Can't handle the fact that I broke the connection
That sting that you feel, that's called rejection
You can't accept that now you got ditched
What I've been saying is f*** off, bitch
You pissed me off, and now we are through
And just so we're clear, it's not me, it's you


Story behind the song: I went out with a girl, and she broke it off in a bitchy, passive aggressive way. A few years go by, I get over it, we meet again, I decide to see if we can be friends, or at least civil. She assumes I'm trying to go out with her again, starts doing the same thing, so I tell her that she's unworthy of my company, and to get lost. She freaks out and tries to get back at me, but just makes it clear that I bruised her ego, which gave me immense satisfaction.
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I like it to the point but not whiny or cheesy. You could make this one brutal metal song.
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