New to this forum. My user name or profile name is logicbdj

I posted 6 songs up there, but let me know if attachments to this forum are required, or if people simply go to the profile name if interested. Thank you.

hey brian it`s scubadaz from Talk to Joe glad to see you worked out how to upload your tracks, nice tone, it might be my crappy laptop speakers but it sounds just a tiny bit trebly, can really hear satch and vai in your playing...well done
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Too much treble in all songs, or mostly the Cyclops song (which I agree). Hearing through old Klipsh Heresy II speakers which are a bit bassy, which can mess up the final product. Been playing for about 8 months. I played for years off and on before, but mostly strumming open chords and writing singing songs. 8 months ago I decided to get serious about playing instrumental guitar. Thanks for the input.