im gonna spend a bit til my wallet hurts.......
i want one of these-
1)orange terror combo
2)engl...which one?

would love a mesa boo.....but its too expensive for me.( xmas is coming up...anyone wanna buy me one? )
im only gonna spend about 700euros /900bucks
thats alot for me

i want to achieve the thrashiest sound......and i love death metal.

yeah i know the pick ups may influence the sound. and im ok with that .
i heard some people say the gigmaster combo doesn't sound too great, the head + separate cab might be a better idea (though that'll cost more). I haven't tried the gigmaster yet, though.

fireball (more death metal) or blackmore (more 80s metal/thrash) would be worth a look too, but they're probably over budget.

screamer is a good all-rounder (but again, probably over budget).

I haven't tried the thunder.

I don't think the orange is what you want for the music you play.
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