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She was very old (16 I think) and had multiple things wrong with her. It was quite peaceful, I somehow managed not to cry but I did feel a little sick watching the huge dose of anaesthetic being injected into her. It was very strange watching something you've known and loved for many years fade away in front of you.

Anyone else had a similar experience?
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Yeah I had a few cats pass away, they are made to die pretty quick though. Just remember all the shit you noticed about the cat and get a new one.
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Yep, had to put down my 17yr old cat a few years back. In some ways it was better for him- he was in pain, wasn't eating and was going to die slowly if we didn't do something.
No but I hope you feel better and my dog is 14 years old so I fear that every day My frog died on me and I only had him for a few weeks, they gave him to me cause he was old and they didn't want to small kids to cry, I cried for him though.
That's very old for a cat though, must make it a lot easier knowing it had a full life?
I've had some dogs pass away on me, one of them when she was just a puppy. It never gets any easier though.
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That's very old for a cat though, must make it a lot easier knowing it had a full life?

Yeah it was definitely the human thing to do. She was only going to get worse :S
"The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar."- Jimi Hendrix
Sorry to hear that man

Had to my down my cat of 18 years last december. It was a sad experience.
yes. my cat went into liver failure when he was 8. we were in the process of moving, and stopped at a 24 hour vet. I didn't have enough money to save him ($5000), and we had him put down. he had lost a lot of weight, and his personality completely changed. he was in so much pain, lethargic, violent, throwing up, diarrhea everywhere, couldn't eat or drink... it was the single most horrifying thing I have experienced. I feel so bad that he had to go through that, and I miss him every day.

I'm sorry about your cat. I'm glad she had a peaceful experience at the end.

edit: I got two kittens about two months ago. I'm scared shitless that one of them has undiagnosed leukemia or FIV.
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Sorry to hear that.

I had to put down my 18-year-old cat a couple of years ago. The worst part was it took them I while to find a vein because she had collapsed veins.

I didn't cry at first but when she let out her last breath I did shed some tears.
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"The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar."- Jimi Hendrix
Ya my dog of 16 years was put down because she was just old... Bad timing as I had just made the DNR decisions on my father 6 months earlier and my Grandma from the same side passed a year before that... the whole childhood house gone in 2 years
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Awww shit. Sorry man.

I'm going to cry like a baby when i have to put my cats down. I know one of them isn't going to last much longer....
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I'm sorry man, it's not easy losing something that's been a part of your life for so long. My dog died about month ago, she was 15. She had been unwell for several months and one day she suddenly couldn't walk. Me and my family sat around her to make sure she felt comfortable and she died within an hour. A very sad experience, but as strange as it seems, one I am glad I have.
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sorry man....and to everyone else who had to put a pet down. they REALLY are members of the family, not just pets.

i had a dog named "Bingo" a few years ago, and he had to be put down cos he had a mean streak. great dog otherwise. just biting the wrong people. he was such a trooper though. it took TWO shots to put him down. i miss the $hit outta that dog.

i have a lab/pointer puppy now. she is almost a year old, and i cant imagine what i would do if i had to put her down.
Man, that sucks, I've been there. I may only be 18, but I've had over 10 animals put down, from the time I was 5. I watched most of them, as well.. I went with them for their final moments.
The first was of course the hardest, it was my dog Sasha that was around from the day I was born, but cancer got the best of her and she had to be put down.
I've had a few cats put down, as well as other dogs who I all became close with. It's a very tough situation to deal with.
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Yeah, my family had a kitten that died at about 9 or 10 months. It was because of an accident, and I was surprised by how saddened I was when it happened. It's a lot harder to lose something or someone that you love, when you have contact with them every single day until one day it just stops forever.

I know how you feel dude it sucks
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My cats about 9 now, so I know she's probably got a least a few years left but that the end is coming, it's even harder knowing that if it happens in the next 4 years I won't be there.
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I had to put down my German Shepard/Collie mix because of age. I couldn't stay in the room and watch the vet inject my dog. I found a dark corner and got all tore up.
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I had to do the same thing a few months ago man I miss her..
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I work in a vet clinic as a vet nurse. One of the hardest things I do on a daily basis is see people dealing with euthanasia. It's not easy, but it's nice in a way to see people that care about their animals. Sorry for your loss.
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Sorry to hear that.

I remember when my dog passed, I was stricken with tears. I was really sad and still miss her.
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My black lab has lymphoma right now. Shes only 7. They put her on sterioids last week and she is starting kemo saturday. They said without it she only had 4 weeks, but with kemo she can have up to 12 months
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Had my cat put down a few years ago, he'd been with the family since before i was born. Sorry for your loss

On a side note, i'm impressed that no one has made a pussy joke
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My cat is clinically obese, drools when shes happy/purring, frequently chases her tail, tries to fit into small boxes, tries to chase her tail IN small boxes, and comes to me when I call her name.

...Shes awesome. I dont know what im gonna do when she gets that old. Im sorry you had to go through that. Ive had to put three of my pets down..cried all times. It isnt fun

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I had to get my 10 year old cat put down around 5 years ago. He had diabetes. It really sucked but since then I've gotten 2 new cats and they're now 4 and 5 years old.

I'm sorry to hear than man.
My dog died in February although we didn't have to put her down it would have came to that if she hadn't have went at home. She did go peacefully though. She took her last "woof" and her last breath at the foot of my bed.
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