for a heavy metal sound. i like thrash
whats the best one to get?

i´ve tried many guitars and i like the strat...alot

so whats he best one for thrash metal?

or do i get any MIJ model and chuck in dimarzios?
Probably something with a HSS pickup configuration, though you can get HH ones (then again, you can buy whatever pickups you want and there's bound to be a hundred places selling the right pickguard).
id get juat any strat you like and then put in some hbs on it in hsh config with coil spliting
that for me is one of thew most versatile instruments ever
You've chosen a guitar that's got possibly the most options of any guitar. What kind of budget are we working with, and what amp are you playing through now?

You can do pretty much any pickup configuration you want- HSS, HSH, SSS, SSH, HH, HHH, HHS, SHH, whatever. Until we know more we'll be taking pot shots.
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If you want a HSS strat you could get a Yamaha Pacifica 112v and put some dimarzios in that :P
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I like Llamas
one strat that is geared up for metal from the fender factory is the jim root signature strat, appart from that i would look at something like a showmaster or an american hss strat
what you really want is a fender hm heavy metal strat from the eighties, floyd rose dimarzios and look awesome. Theres a couple on ebay right now
The Jackson Adrian Smith San Dimas, or the Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster or Jim Root Stratocaster. Or just go Warmoth and built your own beast.
MIJ with Seymour Duncans or EMGs sound good.
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Fender Jim Root MIA Strat.

Its a ****ing beast.

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its a new series that came out recently.
atomic pickups.
check them out, they're really affordable

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[quote="Tom amazing white strat
Fender Jim Root MIA Strat.

Its a ****ing beast.[/QUOTE"]

i love your guitar but im so sick of seeing it whenever a humbucker fender is mentioned

OT maybe look at a used charvel.
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oh that fender jim root looks juicy, bet that rocks. how much are those? whats the sound diff between the korean made and usa made ones?
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i love your guitar but im so sick of seeing it whenever a humbucker fender is mentioned

OT maybe look at a used charvel.


if people dont ask i wouldnt post it.

TS Charvel would also be worth a look, you can get some beauties if your willing to look long and hard enough

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