Morning? I can't remember that long ago, it's either late preevening or early evening now.
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Sir, the contents of my mouth just blew all over my keyboard, desk, and part of my monitor. For the record, it was slightly chewed Keebler cookies and coffee slurry.

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It's been giood.

Mine too =D

I met a kid who only speaks spanish that goes to my school. He doesnt speak a word of english x.x

Time to use my spanish class skills!! xD
Busy, but good. Had an interesting lecture on WWII Germany, then called up Carvin to pay off the rest of my new guitar. Should have an estimate on completion sometime soon.

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its been good made myself an omellette
wacked off, studied a bit
did some hmw,played guitar
in no particular order
Went to the DMV, took my written test and got my permit. In and out in less than an hour. Pretty cool.
Hey TS i live like 2-3 hours away from you.

OT: It's been alright. spent most of the day so far making music
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It's 11:23 here but other than that good, I excercised, had breakfast and have a day off today. Yeah it's been good, but I still need to play guitar though
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Aw shit! D:

Whens your funeral?

Next tuesday, do you want to come? It's fancy dress. I'm going as a ghost.
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Pretty dull, walked the dog, attempted some music homework but really couldn't be arsed walked the dog again and had some fish n chips for tea!
I ate a massive cafe rio burrito (you probably don't know what this is unless you live in Utah or Colorado). I feel like it impregnated me. It was delicious.
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I've been feeling awful, I had a totally brutal night. I seriously forgot how much having fever sucks.
Ahh, smoked a lot of pot, made a video, played plenty of guitar, whacked weeds ().
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made an appointment to have my dog put to sleep, not the best way to start the day.

Ahh, man. That bites. Sorry. :/
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Ahh, man. That bites. Sorry. :/

That's why it's being put down...

Oh gosh I'm sorry. I couldn't resist.
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