So i went into Long and Mcquade about a month ago to look for a guitar without a floyd rose. After a few guitars a came across this PRS singcut

Yesterday i went back to buy it but they didn't have any new ones in the back and he wouldn't lower the price on the floor model ( It had a few tiny scratches on the back ) I just told him that i would look somewhere else and left.

He literally runs out of the building and chases me down and tells me that the guitar is now $580 and he'll throw in a prs bag, 2 cables, a 50 dollar strap and 5 different brands of strings

forgot to add that the original price was 760

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Nice man, called his bluff good and true
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5 sets of strings... jesus christ, thats a hell of a giveaway...

i tip my hat to you good sir
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Awesome man, well done
Happy NGD
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[quote="'[Azrael"]']Nice man, called his bluff good and true

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Great deal ! And nice guitar !
You always gotta buy stuff from desperate and hopeless sellers
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Oh well, HNGD
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here is the link
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it comes with the bag, he didn't throw that in.

but the strap, cables and strings are a nice bump.

congrats on the guitar, very nice.
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