ive been playing electric for about a year now and am picky with music.i CANNOT seem to find ANY intermediate songs to learn that are actually good...bands i like:

led zeppelin
jimi hendrix
slightly stoopid
alice in chains
mega death
the beatles
pink floyd
seven mary three
tenacious d
guns & roses

please help me discover some songs that would challenge me.

also to help i can play fade to black,one,closer to the sun,the metal,and have an ibanez rg series, a p.o.d.xt,and a fender 25r amp with a fender platinum cable
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Metallica - Dyer's Eve

A very good song, and a lot harder than it sounds.

Also, the best place to ask this question is in the Tab Talk section.

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The unforgiven - Metallica
Seek and Destroy - Metallica
Holy wars - Megadeth
Wake up dead - Megadeth
Madhouse - Anthrax
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Metallica - The Day That Never Comes until the solo its really fun to play! Master of Puppets is also a great one! If you like Metallica you'd like System Of A Down and most their stuff is good for intermediates.