Wooh , first post!

Well anyway, i ve had my bass big muff a while now but the other day i plugged it in and it didnt work . The pedal allows clean signal through when bypassed but when i press the footswitch all i hear is a crackling sound and no clean signal passes through ,
everything else seems to be in working order , the problem was there before i changed the battery , infact i thought it may have been low on battery (which was why i changed it).
take a picture of both the outside (front with settings) and inside (wires)
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It looks/sounds like its working again but sounds slightly different than it used to , also there seems to be a slight delay between me playing a note and the effect engaging..
That actually sounds like a really cool effect to mess around with...
haha , it is actually but not so fun for playing fast . Does anyway know what sort of things inside the pedal i should check for ?