I've had a Starfire electric guitar for a while but i've only really just started playing and I'm not really that good yet.. I can play the basic Green Day and Blink 182 songs... You know the easy stuff.

So I've got this Starfire, the cheapest of cheap guitars but when I bought it I wasn't really planning on taking it seriously, just something to play around with and the parentals wouldn't let me get something pricier. Now I'm getting into it and some of my friends and I are thinking of starting a band.

I play acoustic really well but we're going for a Paramore/Kings of Leon sort of thing so I need to pick up electric. Would it be worth buying a new guitar to get a better sound out of it cause something isn't sounding so great when I play? .. Or should I just keep the guitar and upgrade my amp coz it's also an insane cheap practice amp... Coz there's only like one time of distortion.

I don't know much about the technical side of guitar so please don't bash me for this. Thanks
When I upgraded my guitar to an Epi Les Paul (from a Squier Strat) it was such a joy to play that it made me practice a lot more. I would recommend it if you have the money
you might enjoy a new electric, and it will make you play more because it'll feel really good and awesome compared to what you have, but with your super cheap practice amp you won't really notice any sound improvements. If you spent as much as you can right now on a really good amp, it'll make a huge improvement on the way you sound.
to play in a band you would have to upgrade both for it sound good enough.
How much are you willing to spend, and how soon are you planning on playing with a band? I'd go with a small tube amp or a 30 watt Vypyr or Valvetronix. My first setting on my Vypyr is a Paramore sound, and it does it really well.

As far as a guitar, go with something from rondo, or a Squier Telecaster Custom. Seriously, they're great beginner guitars, especially for what you'll be doing.

The Tele and a new amp can be had for ~$300 if you shop used.
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when I got tired of my beginner kit.
I purchased an amp first.
only because my amp was probably the worst out there..
lets just say that if a dead dogs dirrehea could produce sound...

go for a Roland Cube
they're REALLY great for beginners coming out of the shell.

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If you want a better sound, I'd get the amp. Though if you can get them both, I'd do so. Though amp is priority if you want a better sound.
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