ive been playing electric for about a year now and am picky with music.i CANNOT seem to find ANY intermediate songs to learn that are actually good...bands i like:

led zeppelin
jimi hendrix
slightly stoopid
alice in chains
mega death
the beatles
pink floyd
seven mary three
tenacious d
guns & roses

please help me discover some songs that would challenge me.

also to help i can play fade to black,one,closer to the sun,the metal,and have an ibanez rg series, a p.o.d.xt,and a fender 25r amp with a fender platinum cable
Metallica: Master of puppets (good song to learn)
Led Zep: Black dog
Jimi hendrix: all along the watchtower
Guns and Roses:Generally any of their songs

^^ just some suggestions

What about solo guitar artists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai or have a go at some Yngwie
What are you talking about? You just named a ton of bands which play some intermediate songs.

Just search. Learn songs you like, if they're too hard work on them until you got it. Too easy? Learn it anyway and move on. Thats what i do anyway.
tenacious d - tribute, double team supreme
jimi hendrix - hey joe
sublime - eye of fatima/ what happened (same chords used), crazy fool, zimbabwe, mary,
Zeppelin - over the hills and far away, blackdog, tangerine