"Since starting out in Oxfordshire in late 2009 as experimental "bedroom producers", Arity have set out to break the line between mainstream-form music and experimental "underground" movements, incorperating the essences of genres ranging from glitch and electro, to classical orchestral and electronic jazz, combining them with mainstream styles to create a diverse range of distinctive and unique sounds."

Hey everyone.

Basically, my friends started producing experimental, genre-blending, nice-to-listen-to music, and I was roped in along the way to play guitar on the album, and to play guitar and bass live.

Details of the album and various other releases are on the facebook page, but things are very much a work in progress.

No gigs are lined up as of yet, as things are still being recorded, but we have all these awesome ideas for a great live show, and we're really excited to begin performing.

We'd very much appreciate it if you could check out the music, and like the facebook page, and leave a comment

Thank you.



http://arityofficial.com/ (still under construction, use the facebook page and the twitter for now)

First full song released:

Preview of whats to come:
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