So i have 2 guitars, a Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe which is set to E standard and Eb, and my Silvertone SRK1 set to D standard. So this is basically deciding on my first "floating tremolo" guitar. I know how the system works and i know how to change strings on those tremolo systems already. So i'm pretty much a step ahead. I really think i should get an S series because i love the ZR bridge but I'm worried about changing the pickups because i want high output pickups like Dimarzios (i like D-Activators). Can anyone please help me on deciding on a guitar? I play hard rock and mostly metal. I just got a Peavey Vypyr 30 only a couple days ago. My max budget is $500 i will not go $10 over Thanks for the help i appreciate it

I like the one in Blackberry Sunburst
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Ya I amde a post about this guitar a few minutes ago.

Yes I will be buying this guitar.
before you decide on which way to go with the pickups, get the guitar and see which way you want to go with your tone from that, although using a modelling amp isn`t going to make much of a difference whatever guitar you choose (whilst the vypyr is one of the best modellers out there for it`s price it`s still a modeller and pretty much generic in it`s tone)

back to the guitar, i`d say yes go for it and not out of ibby fanboyism, but genuinely for it`s price and functionality its a very good guitar with a decent trem.....
You could buy a RG350DX Ibanez.
or any other RG Series guitars.

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Plan to swap the pickups. The stock ones are awful. Other than that, they're solid guitars.
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In my opinion the S series from Ibanez are the best guitars in the world..... The only thing that isn't brilliant on them is the stock pickups. Also they do not sound as resonant as say a gibson due to how thin the body is.

That aside they are a dream to play and the ZR is one of the best trems ever invented. Its just so easy to use and maintain and if its your first floyd style guitar that is what you will want in an instrument.

I already own two and I plan to put another £2500 down on another one soon. The only other guitars I can bring myself to play now are Fenders. As I love my strat as well
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I'd avoid the low-end RG's (I saw someone above suggest one) if S' pique your interest. The ZR trem is worlds ahead of the Edge III. In fact, my only gripe with the S420 is the lack of a single coil in the middle position - that and how all S' are 24-fret now.
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