So im looking for a new amp. Right now im using a valveking 112 so itll be a nice little backup. ill be gigging often with this playing southern rock, blues, some country, and a bit of funk. Ill also be using it to record with my other band doing stuff like tool, porcupine tree, cleaner opeth, that kind of style. i need something that can do these fairly well. i would prefer combo but don't mind a head either. 50w is best for my needs but im not too picky. Ive been looking at the

Egnater Tourmaster= $800 used
Blackstar Club or Stage= $500-600 or so
Carvin V3= $600 used may go new for the leds
Peavey JSX= around $700 i think

Other suggestions and opinions on these is appreciated. this purchase will most likely be in 2 or 3 months so i can put extra in for a cab if need be. So i can stretch my budget if the amp is perfect for me so offer any suggestions cause ive been looking at a Mesa Roadster as well cause i might put $1500 in a amp if its more than worth it.
yeah man I think the Carvin is an excellent choice. They've got such high quality equipment that's worth twice what it costs, in my opinion. I'd definitely look into them.
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I have a JSX and I've been very pleased with how versatile it is. If you have the option to try it out you should definitely try it and see if it fits your tastes.
Ive been looking at the carvin for years and just never saved the money for it and ive never played one. The only thing im worried about with the jsx is a friend of mine has the combo and gigs twice a week and in the past year its cut off on him twice mid show. two weeks ago this happened and luckily he had time to call me and used my valveking cause i only lived five min away but that sucked really bad he wanted to set it on fire. im sure its probably just a lemon cause i havent heard of them having this problem but its still got me second guessing them.