hi guys..
couple of questions!

so recently i have been hunting for 2 pedals...

delay & boost/dist pedal...

i have got my sights set on a memory boy for the delay as i instantly loved it...

however i have been seeing some of the blackstar pedals going at reasonable prices used... (£50-£60)
my question on them are.. i see they do the dual/drive/dist/distX....

i play mainly rock/classic rock/punk/grunge/indie......

not much metal, but if it is metal its only 80's metallica stuff....

which blackstar pedal would do the job?

finally... are there any alternatives to the memory boy? what are around 40-50 pounds...
i wouldn't look for an alternative to the memory boy. I have the memory boy and personal i love that pedal, its a great delay, but if you are looking for an alternative i've heard pretty good things about the MXR Carbon Copy.
I borrowed my cousins HST - DST (i think thats what its called, if im close to the name)

and it is the best distrotion pedal ive ever heard, i would highly recommend it!
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