So i'm gettin a little bit better at recording harmonized tones. idk if they're completely correct, but it sounds decent. i just read a thing about harmonizing. I do mostly minor scale, so should i be harmonizing by 3 or by 5? also read that 4 and 5 are for major scales. so idk. and how do i know if i go up a complete octave?... if i start at 7 on the A string, wheres my finger gotta go to start on a high octave?... i'm going for the A7X/BFMV kinda sound.. any help would be sooooo appreciated. i look forward to using these techniques to make up for my lack of speed during solos.
well i got similar phrases and what not, i just dont know exactly how to harmonize them higher or lower. they're my main influences, so my riffs are of the same nature. but i will try harmonizing by 3rds since i play alot of minor.

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